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Family Law

For over thirty years, I have been helping clients resolve family law matters in an effective, timely and affordable manner. My areas of expertise are:


  • Child Custody and time- sharing, child support, paternity, adoption;
  • Rights of fathers and grandparents who seek access to the children in their lives.
  • Prenuptial, cohabitation, inter-marriage and property settlement and support agreements
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships
  • Complex matrimonial issues
  • Post-judgment modification and enforcement
  • Alimony and child support


Many times people decide to separate on a trial basis and they are not planning to get divorced. In those situations, I can help you work out the details of the separation with respect to the children (time-sharing and co-parenting) and the finances.

Alimony is money paid by one spouse to the other so that he/she can maintain the standard that was enjoyed during the marriage. There are various types of alimony:

  • Limited duration alimony: This is a monetary award for a term of years.
  • Rehabilitative alimony: This is awarded so that the supported spouse can return to school, finish his/her education or get skills necessary to seek employment or get a better job..
  • Reimbursement alimony: This deals with reimbursement a spouse, who is supporting the other, while he/she was getting a professional or other degree.
  • Permanent alimony: This is usually awarded in those situations where there has been a long term marriage, children and dependent spouse is either not working or does not earn sufficient income to support him orher self.
  • Equitable Distribution:

    Marriage is viewed as a joint partnership with each person contributing to the family’s financial wherewithal. Assets acquired during the marriage are subject to equitable or fair distribution. Equitable distribution of marital property does not always mean equal division. It means what is fair and reasonable under all the circumstances of your marriage.

    Each parent has an obligation to provide for the children. To this end the New Jersey Supreme Court has adopted Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines are used to calculate how much each parent must pay based on the parents’ combined net (after tax) income from all sources.

    Both parents should be actively involved with their children and their well being. New Jersey courts favor joint legal custody with both parents sharing responsibility for parenting and for decisions that affect the children. In some instances, the court may grant sole custody based on what is in the best interests of the children.